Thursday, May 15, 2014

My journey in music so far

I'm busy making a new album, this time I want more variety and ever more truth. Since "Freedom of birds" my journey through music has gone further and further although I recorded my first song ever behind a closed door it opened so many. Many times people ask me the question why I write songs?
Well first of all I don't see it as writing I see it as sketching a message and putting it out there like painters do with their portraits. I want every one to be able to find a little part of themselves back in my words and that they feel the sensation through my voice. Touching the truth underneath the fake surface we all breath is all I ever wanted to do and working with people who inspire me and seem to have that ability to make all thoughts vanish has been my dream for the past year.

I have made tracks with so many great artists nearly all of them I can happily call my friends now. I made the amazing track "Beats within a heart" with producer Tyrant Teknology. Made a reversion of the track "For Rome" by Brian Crain. Worked together with the great artist Seth Andrew Kline on the track "Heart strings" who I can proudly call a good friend these days. Made a reversion of "I knew her" by the fantastic Alex Tiunniaev and of the song "Glace of dust" by Luigi Rubino who is also a dear friend of mine and a big inspiration. I had the honor to use compositions of Fabrizio Paterlini, Kai Engel, Andrea Carri, Those who are weary, Davide Biggi, Phillipe Marin and Soft Note.

I met so many beautiful souls on my journey but till now I find the most memorable one Australian composer Pieter Bourke who worked with artists like Lisa Gerrard of Dead can dance who's still one of my biggest inspirations in music already from the age of twelve. What a surprise it was to get an email reply from him it was one of those things you can't ever expect and I jumped of my chair by reading his words I simply couldn't believe it. We are on the moment working on a song together and I just know that its gonna be an amazing mind blowing track. It was so fantastic to talk to him through skype and I remember how incredibly nervous I was but I can truly say that he is one of the most kind and honest artists I have ever had the honor of talking to and I just know we connected and believe in similar things and values in life which is for me personally important because I think if you don't understand each others soul its hard to make something truthful together. In order to make something enchanting you have to enchant yourself first.

Another great moment was when I received an email from Ghosts of Paraguay who might want to work with me in the future which I would find great if that would happen one day.

Also the awesome dj Chris Crysand (Aka Don Lon) reached out to me for an collaboration which was cool to do. It was something different since usually I am more focused on alternative and ambient music but it was fun for a change to do something with techno.

And I am very thankful for the opportunity to collaborate together with Owlin Sanna and Gaz Cloud of duo Cloud and Owl who for my feeling also became my friends. Currently we are working on two tracks together and I'm sure they will be both equally fantastic.

Last but not least I made reversions of the songs "By night" from Sophie Hutchings "Fade" By Heinali. "Everything" By Asfandyar and "Lament" By Balmorhea which is the newest song I wrote dedicated to victims of domestic violence.

My new album will again feature a number of great artists some new, some familiar to me but each song has a meaning and I hope that every one who listens finds their own personal meaning. This album is different from "Freedom of birds" because my musical reach grew and so did the songs on my new album. I am almost one year further from the moment I wrote my first song and I never forget that moment of setting my imprisonment free for a while it felt like I was not in there in that institution I could fly, I could scream, I could pronounce the truth, the missing, the injustice, the pain, the sadness, the lies and that meant everything to me since it was all I had in there it was my only release from that unfair reality. I still wake up sad since my brother and sister are still being kept in a Swedish foster home of course that is unreal and a double feeling I get reminded of it each time I laugh it hurts twice as much as simply crying but after ten months you are out of tears and somehow you try to go on with your life. I do that by writing, singing and creating poetry its the best distraction I ever found, you are so in the moment that time seems to stop sometimes and that is a great feeling.

A lot of things changed I learned a lot of life, love and sadness I want to thank every one for your sweet messages and I want you to know that when I'm feeling defeated and weak I open my email and start reading so thank you for that support. I'm grateful for the kindness I receive for the understanding and for all those little things some of you dreamers tell me each day. I'm gonna share one thing a loyal fan wrote me two days ago

"Angel you make art out of the most difficult pain and you contain it so easily that my heart breaks by hearing your voice. I don't know how you do it pouring tears in your words and turn them into pearls but I hope you will keep on making beautiful songs amazing ones and that many more artists want to work with you because you are fantastic."                                      -Steve Taylor

Thank you so much Steve and all of you dreamers who take the time to write me and support me and my music.

Also what I just have to mention which is a very sweet thing in my life is my current boyfriend he means the world to me and although I know I am sometimes not the most easy girl he is there through everything and that is a feeling I didn't know yet. We love each other so intimately that I hope it will last forever cos although I know forever doesn't exists I still believe in it.

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