Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy birthday sweet brother

So its a few minutes past my brothers birthday now he turned eleven years old today. Its so strange the way time keeps passing even while he and my sister are still in Sweden a country so far away from ours. Almost 10 months passed but still that last hug I gave them is present in my mind heavily each day.

Today my mind was with my mom on her journey to see them again. Tomorrow is the big day for 4 hours they're reunited, for 4 hours they will be children again instead of the emotionless broken robots their fosterparents force them to be. I still wonder why? Its that question I will probably never get an answer on neither one of us will ever know the reason although its clearly written on the fosterparents bank account.

I wish I could be there for my mom to hold her when she has to leave them again but at the same time I would never be able to feel that kind of pain. I hope she gets through tomorrow and that she will be back home safely. I still hope my brother and sister will soon be home again.

Sweet brother I hope you had a nice birthday and that you enjoy your gifts, that you are strong when mommy has to leave you and your sister again that you both will be brave like always and that you keep hope even when finding the strength for that seems so hard. You will be home again and hopefully that day is soon.

I love you Annelinyo and Serena and I hope you know that you are always on my mind even when I try not to think of the sadness you are always there.

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