Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thought for tonight

Made a poetic quest with just some random thoughts of mine.

What if

What if my disaster isn't easy enough for you to fit in
my doubts might be too big
my worries too deep

what if my wanting is not what you are used to
perhaps I inhale too heavy
or my lust too loud for you to bear

What if my heart is a too early filled image of you and me
you´re heart might not even be ready
and you´re mind finds it far too early to believe

What if my dreams are too empty for you to find a place
my pain might be out of your reach
and my silence might be too silent for you to sleep

What if the best version of me has to be better
which I can´t change
you might have been looking for someone different then me

What if we're not as similar as we first believed
maybe I annoy you
or we are just not meant to be

What if the fears I hold you can't vanish in me
I might be feeling you slowly letting go
while time steals like a thief

What if my tears are too present for you to dry
perhaps you're not able to fix my broken heart inside
I might I love yours more than you will ever love mine.

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