Thursday, March 13, 2014

The meaning within a rose

Funny I just have to share this. 

This morning I received an email of a good friend of mine and she asked me the meaning behind a blue rose. Of course I didn´t know that from scratch so I looked it up for her and it stands for the "Impossible" apparantly. Immidiately the subject changed since her boyfriend sent her the blue rose her joy went straight to fear and I was just laughing slightly in the background thinking as if a guy would ever think about the meaning behind the color of a rose but we girls we search too much behind things. Although I´m surely different in that way I would just be excited and happy I mean I have been told I was worth roses like a hundred times yet I never received any at all and if I ever will I´m surely not gonna panic about the color. So dear friend I know you´re gonna read this and laugh a little and I hope you finally have surrendered yourself to the fact that someone isn´t going through the trouble of sending you a rose if you don´t mean something to him, guys don´t think that complicated about situations most of the time so just be happy you received one not every girl does although you don´t believe me I know its true. 

So for the ones that are curious here you can read the meaning of those different colored roses.

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