Friday, January 31, 2014

What is Europe?

Its crazy to visualize yourself inside a situation in which you have no control whatsoever, its such a strange place to be and I guess I try to ignore the fact that we are. The appeal is over, the trial didn´t go as my mom expected and the lies that have been told again once more proofless took our breaths away so deeply we couldn´t even sigh. Even the organization defense of children couldn´t understand why this happened in the first place but Sweden doesn´t care about the laws each country in Europe has to follow. In the end what are the boundaries of those guidelines? I wonder how something of which every one tells us its impossible happens. How can it happen, how did it happen and why hasn´t it ended a long time ago?

All those questions carry nothing but a smell of money and the euro sign has never been as heavy as in this case. My little brother and sister are their taxes and that´s all they mean a single paycheck. Isn´t it crazy how everything shatters out of the greed of others and that innocent children are used as a source I have no further words for this.

My mom cries again, the last 6 months she has been on each step of the staircase and sometimes even she thought she wouldn´t be able to cry more but she always succeeds to reach more tears behind her eyes.
And she is strong although each time she tries to force a smile she again dies a little and I can see it happening but she is still there comforting us, helping us through while even she doesn´t know how to get through this.

And now the waiting started we don´t know what the judge will decide, we can only wish in this last moments of uncertainty that he will do what is right. Which is bringing my little brother and sister back home to their own country with their family and friends in their own language. We can only hope that this 7 month during nightmare will finally come to an end and that Sweden starts acting human again.


  1. 0im so sorry you are going thru this.. i cant believe they would rip a beautiful family apart.. just for greed and the love of money... Try to stay positive!! Much Love from the states..

  2. thank you very much for that, it means a lot to me and my family