Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Legal human trafficking Sweden

This song owns most of what´s still left of my heart, its about the daily missing of my little brother and sister
who I haven´t seen in 7 months I miss those sweet little faces each minute of the day and I can´t understand why this had to happen to my family but I guess I wouldn´t wish any family to go through this. No one will be truly able to understand what this is like until you go through it and experience it yourself. I sang this song as  a freestyle the words seem to have been inside of my soul ever since this all started happening I guess that´s why I could sing this in just one single recording and it turned out even better than I thought the song would become. It shows how happy my family was and how much fun we had while at the same time it shows the way the Swedish social workers and the police destroyed our family and a little part of it at the beginning also shows in what kind of deep sadness my brother and sister are because they don´t understand why. It is impossible to explain because there simply is no reason for this, we were just a family from Holland on vacation in Sweden and this was not even permitted to happen, something so unthinkable and wrong.

Then you also have to start wondering yourself. You go through all the why´s and possible reasons of why Sweden is doing this and when you start counting up everything you even have to bare the knowledge that they do this for just money purposes and that over the back of innocent children and innocent parents. Sweden doesn´t care about destroying families as long as their wallets keep getting refilled. I want every one to be aware of this, of the things that are going on in the corrupt government system of Sweden. So please every one who reads this please share this video and this post and keep yourself informed by reading also my other blog about Sweden only http://swedenthelandwithouthumanity.blogspot.be/

Lyrics of my song 

(Beginning poem)
Its like a nightmare you can´t wake up from as if that little world you always trusted on would keep existing just shattered. Like the ground underneath faded and you are only surrounded by despair within hopeless screams. Promissing yourself to hold them each night before you fall asleep, you can almost touch their soft faces while their thousands of milles away its not the you missing them which kills you its the knowing that they miss you in that same unbearable way. Sweet little brother and sister you will be home again.

(Verse 1)
I know a place where the grass is green
where the trees are never dying
I know what it feels like to believe in something
Oh I held your baby feet and your little hands 
how they surrounded me 

Oh I miss you so
and this feeling inside stays unbearable 

I hold on to the wishing 
all the praying
but it remains unthinkable 
that this could happen to us all

(Verse 2)
Now you´re both so far away from me 
and mommy still cries when she´s asleep
and she doesn´t even dare to dream
no she doesn´t even dare to dream
afraid she might feel
so afraid she might feel

When does it end
when does it end
when does the missing leads us somewhere
when does it stop this punishment

(Verse 3)
This is the kind of fight we couldn´t fight
cos there is nothing true or right
they took you from us reasonless
and we pay the price
for their takes and their papers
oh this goes so far beyond their conscience
while our hearts bleed 
how they bleed each night
more dead than alive

Oh we miss you so
how we miss you
oh lord please let them come home

(Verse 4)
What happened to the kindness to the people
can it not come out of their selfish shell
and show us Sweden´s human after all
show us Sweden´s human after all

I miss you so sweet brave sister
I miss you so little couragous brother
stay heroes until you´re home
stay heroes until you´re back home.

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