Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gem club

A while ago i had the pleasure of finding a band called ´Gem club.`
Listened to them ever since, as i hear their voices it feels like they heard mine. A piece of soul connected to inner sadness, i looked everywhere trying to find something similar which i find impossible. There is a touch that reaches the deepest of purity, a vibe that makes your breath skip. The words in their lyrics remind me of complicated love but true love. It is not just for a rainy day, neither for just a good cry to me it is a inspiration that allows me to write in the best way. It isn't background music but not overtaking. Impossible to hate or like it deserves to be loved. It makes place inside the sense of being numb right before falling asleep i listen and remember the treasure called love. Most artist seem to disappoint me while performing live Gem club seems to be one of the exceptions which means they are better, only better then i already believed they were.
I never had the pleasure meeting them live, i don't live near and never had the chance. However i watched each video and performance online on youtube or on another source. I find it strange that they are not known as well as some artist are these days, but maybe that is their strength. It is better to be art than to be a famous regular. Some find it the fault of generation well i disagree i am 18 so a young person, however i would not describe myself being a teenager cos honestly i have never been a teen. My taste in music might be different for the better i believe. Once i really love something i love it forever and Gem club has a place inside my neverland which i built every day music is a big part of it and it continues to be that way. 

Thankyou Gem club for making music not just music but indescribable poetry 

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